Call for Contributions

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the research and practitioner sessions are to provide a platform for the wide range of critical research being done, as well as the innovative solutions being implemented in the area of gender and urban mobility across Africa.

The objectives of these sessions are to:

Provide a platform for researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to showcase their work and their findings in a supportive and interactive manner.

Provide a synopsis of current research being undertaken and innovative solutions being implemented across Africa by African and international researchers and practitioners.

Provide researchers and practitioners with feedback, in an interactive and supportive manner, on the potential impact and importance of their work for policy and practice.

Highlight gaps in existing research knowledge to support advocacy, policy development and innovative solutions

Engage researchers, practitioners, civil society actors and decision-makers in discussing the priority areas for evidence to assist in moving forward policy, advocacy and practical interventions in this area

Collaboratively develop a research agenda to meet these needs can be delivered over coming years by national and international research programmes.

Research and Practitioner Sessions Structure

There will be two afternoons of breakout sessions, one focusing on research and one focusing on practitioner initiatives. Each session will be two hours long. The research and practitioner sessions will each be separated into three parallel themes. The themes across both sessions are:

Sustainable public transport;

Safe walking and cycling;

Inclusive employment in the transport sector.


We would like to invite submissions for presentations in either the research or practitioner sessions!

You are invited to submit a short summary (500 words max) of what you would like to present on including a title and the contact details of the presenter, organization or institution;

Please indicate your preference for either the research or practitioner session;

Please also indicate your preferred session theme;

Please include a picture and short biography (no more than 150 words) of yourself;

Please indicate if you have any innovative/creative ways of presenting your work (creative methodologies or organizational models, documentaries, photo exhibitions, theatre, physical activity etc.)

Please submit by 19th July, 2019 or BEFORE, by emailing and CCing


Organizers will reach out to those participants whose presentations are being considered to discuss the most appropriate session to participate in. Presenters may be requested to contribute to panel discussions at the end of the session as well.

Presenters are encouraged to focus on:

Objective of the research/solution – why was the research/solution done?

What did they do and what worked (focus on innovative methodologies)?

Why are the findings/solution important and for whom?

What didn’t work (what are the gaps in knowledge or lessons learned for next time)?

Personal stories

What is the call to action arising from the work?

The exact format of each parallel session has not been finalized. Sessions will be conducted in English. Should your submission require additional accommodations, please include those in your proposal.

We hope to be able to provide a limited number of travel scholarships depending on our ability to secure funding for this purpose, however we cannot currently guarantee funding for presenters.

However, presenters are strongly encouraged to think about innovative ways to share their information and ideas to a diverse audience including (but not limited to) video, interactive sessions and presentations from different ‘voices’ effected by the research or innovation.