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November 18th 2022


Location: Nairobi County

Type of contract: Short term cconsultancy

Role description

Flone Initiative is seeking a Documentary Production Associate to accompany its team members for 1 day video shoot, and create a high definition with appropriate video effects (vfx) from the field visit. The Documentary Production Associate is expected to lead the production process functionally and creatively.

The task involves capturing video footage with quality audio [and high resolution photographs that can be used as video fillers] of 2 people in a matatu traffic route / busy transport set up (like bus station) and producing final high definition multimedia content. The narrative will broadly reveal and narrate the day in the life of a commuter living with disability.

  • Challenges of getting into (on-boarding) and getting out (off boarding) a matatu with ease
  • The treatment that the differently abled commuter gets from the matatu operators vis-a-vis a commuter who is not disabled
  • The commuter / actor will be a person with albinism / a person on a wheelchair

The successful candidate shall work in collaboration and instructions from the Flone Initiative. 

The methodology of the assignment will be:

  • Accompanying the Flone Initiative team to the matatu terminus/ high traffic route and
  • Taking the necessary video footage and photographs while in the field.
  • Carrying out the post-production actions like video and photo editing, and delivery of final multimedia products.

In every location, we will capture the establishing/ wide shots and tight shots for a great variety of shots is necessary in telling the story / documetary

Types of video shots Flone Initiative needs

  • Close-up shots of respondents when speaking.
  • Few quality high resolution photos that can be used as fillers.
  • Cutaways – we may need to add interesting things surrounding the subject to avoid the monotony of having only the 2 subjects / commuters interacting
  •  Wide shots where subjects are in the frame.
The deliverables for the consultancy are divided into two; pre-production (preparation before going to the field and when in the field), and post-production.
Pre-production (Fieldwork)
  1. Brainstorm on suitable shoot locations in partnership with Flone Initiative and any partner who may assist us in this. 
  2. Acquire the necessary permits if any / collaborate with Flone to ensure there are no hitches prior to going to the ground. 
  3. Meeting the commuters for a briefing. Striking a good working relationship with subjects/commuters / actors prior to the shoot makes for an interesting, genuine and personal experience. 
  4. Creating a shot list to map out the entire production process. The brief for the shot list should be clear and provided upon official engagement for this task with Flone Initiative.
Post-production deliverables

 1. One 10–15-minute documentary capturing the below

  • Challenges of getting into (on-boarding) and getting out (offboarding) a matatu with ease
  • The treatment that the differently abled commuter gets from the matatu operators vis-a-vis a commuter who is not disabled  (The commuters / actors will be a person with albinism a person who is differently abled i.e. on a wheelchair)

Kindly note that for the Interviews will include:

  • B-rolls
  • Video embedded with subtitles where necessary
  • Smooth transitions
2. The documentary must be Professionally edited, translated (where applicable) and captioned videos with subtitles in English (where necessary)
3. We will need two versions of the video:
  • Version 1: the high definition one for presentation in conferences and posterity of our video bank.
  • Version 2: A light but high quality version that can be uploaded on the website without making the website slow/ its download slow as it on the basis that the video is an extremely heavy format version.
4. Not less than 10 well-labelled photographs from each location.
5.  Ensure delivery of all the end products that meet the deadlines as specified.
  1. Ability to use the camera in manual mode and manipulate light and other settings as desired.
  2. Ability to film broadcast-quality video and audio
  3. Ability to implement high-end graphic design, video editing and audio editing.
  4. Demonstrated proficiency in Adobe Premiere
  5. Pro or other video editing software.
  6. Demonstrated proficiency in Adobe Photoshop or other photo editing    software.
  7. Fluency in English and Kiswahili, including translation
  8. Have knowledge of different video formats and video file conversions.
  9. Have knowledge of converting video files from multiple formats.
  10. Have online video publishing and file transfer skills
The Role of Flone
Facilitate all the fieldwork logistics Nairobi County
  • Provide consent forms to be signed by anyone photographed or interviewed on video. If a participant is under the age of 18
Submission of Interest
Interested candidates are invited to:
  1. Submit a financial quotation for both pre-production and post production deliverables with a breakdown of costs for each task.
  2.  Share sample of documentary work previously done—preferably a link
  3.  The above should be sent to [email protected] and cc [email protected]
Kindly label the subject of the email as Documentary Production Associate
Submit the necessary documentation by Friday 25th November 2022 11:59 PM (EAT)